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David And Leah Saved An Amazing $42,000

David & Leah Lancaster - Home Owners - Brisbane, QLD

We couldn't be happier with our new home and we saved $42,000 on our builders best price. We would highly recommend Build Protect before you choose your builder.

Greg Saved A Huge $245,000

 Greg Dawson - Property Developer - Melbourne, VIC

I was recommended to Build Protect for my 4 townhouse development, and I'm happy to say they saved me $245,000 under my best architects and project managers tender price. 
Excellent, 10 out of 10.

The First Step To Saving
Is To Engage An Independent Building Designer

Here's why, 

Many consumers select a builders plan, unaware that the builder owns the (C) Copyright. 

This means no other builder can quote the plans, no competition means you will pay top dollar.

Independent building designers are a small investment that will save you on your overall build price.

We have a large team of affordable and award winning building designers.
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Yes We Can! and its free

We Are Experts In Checking Your Builders Quotes Before You Sign

If you already have quotes from builders, our free quote checking service will have you supplied with a detailed report highlighting any issues in those quotes.

We Also Check Your Quotes From Home Designers and Architects

Our building industry experts will check the accuracy of the quotes you receive from building designers, drafts-persons and architects, so you can avoid the costly traps and pitfalls.

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